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President Obama is being "picked on"?

Posted on August 15 2009 12:15 pm
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damon weaver

It turns out, those poor, poor Democrats just can’t catch a break. Even after winning the Presidency, the Senate, and the House, they’re still getting picked on and pushed around by mean, evil opponents of their agenda.

What brought this up was a phrase that passed almost unnoticed by us as we watched a little fluff piece on Anderson Cooper 360 last night. It was a feel-good piece about 11-year old child reporter Damon Weaver interviewing President Obama. The questions Weaver asked were mostly the kind you’d expect – generally softballs about education and school lunches.

But CNN correspondent Tom Foreman sat down and interviewed Weaver, and asked a question that made us both sit up and raise our eyebrows as we watched.

FOREMAN: Do you think [Obama] gets picked on a lot as president?

WEAVER: Well, by Republicans.

Now, hold on just one minute. Criticized, sure. Questioned, yes. But picked on? I’m pretty sure that Barack Obama, arguably the most powerful man in America, the man whose party controls both houses of Congress, cannot be “picked on.” Picked on is something that those with power do to those without power. You know, like Nancy Pelosi calling senior citizens at town halls “Un-American.” Or President Obama telling opponents of his agenda to “get out of the way” and “not do a lot of talking.”

Sorry, Damon, you’re a cute story, I’m sure, but you’ve got a ways to go before you’re a real, hard-hitting reporter worthy of a day job at CNN.

Or maybe Damon is ready after all, since his words echo in sentiment the way Anderson Cooper himself opened the show last night.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: Tonight: President Obama’s big push for health care reform, is it now make or break? Can he counter the town hall critics, or will he and all of us end up with watered-down reform or no change at all?

Now, we’re sorry, Anderson, but can’t have your rhetorical cake and eat it, too.  Contrary to your assertion, it’s not the big meanies at these town halls who are delaying any sort of “reform.” It’s your media‘s precious Democrats.

If these “town hall critics” are somehow a small minority in opposition to “all of us,” then the Democrats should go right ahead and pass whatever bill they want, right? After all, they have all the power — a supermajority in both houses of Congress. If Democrats so desired, they could pass any bill they chose. You can’t blame critics, or Republicans, or talk show hosts, or anyone else for not passing a bill. It’s up to the Democrats.

Democrats are very good at criticizing and demonizing their opponents as enemies of change, but when they have power that is literally unstoppable, they aren’t so good at getting that change done.

So why are Democrats balking, trying to get Republicans to vote for the bill as well, trying anything to give themselves political cover for the next election? Could it be because they, despite their talking points and despite the President’s rhetoric about the will of people, realize that We The People don’t support their leftist agenda? Could it be because they realize that ramming yet another nebulous, expensive, and government-expanding bill through Congress will cost many Democrats what they value above anything else – power?

Remember this, Anderson Cooper. Remember this, Democrat voters of America. The Senators and Representatives you elected think health care reform is the most important issue facing America today. Right after keeping their cushy, taxpayer-funded jobs.

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