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This Year's Greatest Television Moment: a most unexpected denunciation of ObamaCare

Posted on August 14 2009 6:40 pm
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Rev. Harry Jackson stunned MSNBC's Ed Schultz.

Rev. Harry Jackson stunned MSNBC's Ed Schultz.

Credit must be given where it’s due. Earlier this week MSNBC’s Ed Schultz treated his viewers to two of the finest minutes of television that anyone, anywhere, has seen in years. Not, mind you, because of anything Schultz said, but because of what one of his guests said to him. It was one of those deeply satisfying moments when we got to see a knee-jerk Obama lapdog like Schultz spend several minutes spewing his trademark leftist claptrap, only to be dramatically ambushed by a guest who Schultz thought was going to do nothing more than dutifully rubber-stamp everything he had just said.

The segment began with Schultz deriding “Christian political operatives” for having failed, thus far, to speak out in favor of the Democrat/Obama plan for government-run healthcare. He looked earnestly at the camera and demanded that “the four most influential Christian leaders in this country” — he named, specifically, Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Franklin Graham, and James Dobson — “step up and speak up.”  “These Christian leaders,” said Schultz, “need to get engaged and support a Christian president on the public option of providing healthcare for all Americans. Isn’t it the Christian thing to do? Their silence [so far] is deafening.”

Schultz then proceeded to explain that these ministers’ failure to publicly endorse socialized medicine constituted a betrayal of Christ’s message:

“When Jesus walked the face of the earth, he was feeding the hungry, he was clothing the poor, and healing the sick. He didn’t ask anybody for their health insurance card and he didn’t heal anybody for profit. Yet we hear nothing from the Christian leadership in this country on healthcare reform and the moral obligation we face as a nation to address this issue. Let’s just say that I think your silence is shameful. What [we are] doing to American families is shameful. And there should be an outcry from the Cristian community to support this president. Don’t stick your Bible underneath your bed on this one, folks. How these Christian leaders can stand idle and dreadfully silent while the insurance industry makes billions at the expense of the American people, to me, is sickening.”

Then, it happened. Schultz – satisfied that he had skillfully set the stage for his guest to grab the host’s rhetorical “alley-oop” pass and metaphorically slam the ball through the conversational hoop – turned to Bishop Harry Jackson of Hope Christan Church. And a funny thing happened on the way to a slam dunk.

With unapologetic yet gentlemanly eloquence, Jackson, a registered Democrat, proceeded to declare that he strongly opposes ObamaCare, and he identified precisely the elements and ambiguities of the plan that trouble him deeply. If he were a white conservative, he would have been tarred by Schultz as one of the “evil mongers” and “swastika-carriers” who supposedly populate the “angry mobs” of protesters that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and a host of their fellow Democrat hacks have been whining about for weeks.

There are no descriptive phrases that could do justice to the force of Jackson’s retort to Schultz. It’s best that you see it for yourself. It will be two minutes of your time very well spent. Go to this page. If the film clip does not load automatically, click on the thumbnail photo with the caption that reads, “What would Jesus do about health care?” If you wish to skip past Schultz’s predictable, hackneyed inanities, you can forward the video to the 3:20 mark, which is where Rev. Jackson is introduced to the audience. Then sit back and enjoy; you’ll probably want to enjoy it twice.

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