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Debasing the Medal of Freedom

Posted on August 13 2009 6:22 am
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Among  the subjects last night on The O’Reilly Factor were two of  President Obama’s controversial recipients of the Medal of Freedom, this nation’s highest award to civilians. 

One of the recipients was Mary Robinson, a former UN Commissioner for human rights and former president of Ireland.  She presided over the UN’s anti-Semitic romp known as the Durban I Conference.  

Rep. Tom Lantos, a Democrat from California who attended the Durban I conference, wrote in a 2002 article in the Fletcher Forum of World Affairs that:

“Mary Robinson’s lack of leadership was a major contributing factor to the debacle in Durban. Her yearning to have a ‘dialogue among civilizations’ blinded her to the reality that the noble goals of her conference had been usurped by some of the world’s least tolerant and most repressive states, wielding human rights claims as a weapon in a political dispute.”

Robinson has been spending her time more recently presiding over a panel set up by the International Commission of Jurists, which – in a fit of moral equivalence – concluded that counterterrorism measures adopted after 9/11 “threaten the very core of the international human rights framework.” 

Robinson’s panel issued a report in early 2009 that asked President Obama to “immediately and publicly renounce” the characterization  of counterterrorism as a war, and to investigate human rights abuses against terrorism suspects.  Obama has not only followed this recommendation to the letter, but he has conferred the Medal of Freedom on a lady who has regularly blurred the distinction between those fighting for freedom and the enemies of freedom.

Another of Obama’s controversial choices for the Medal of Freedom award was retired Angligan Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, the man who said that America’s war on terror was “vengeful” and claimed that “Israel is like Hitler and apartheid.”

Tutu throws around the apartheid analogy whenever he can, to embarrass the very democracies that helped end the apartheid regime in South Africa.  For example, he said that the detention of terror suspects for as little as 28 days in the United Kingdom was “excessive” and “untenable,” comparing it to the apartheid South African regime’s detention policies.

Tutu has urged Obama to apologize to the world for the supposed misdeeds of the Bush admnistration – advice which again Obama has followed to the tee.

Just like Robinson, Tutu is an apostle of moral equivalence.

Anyone who does not understand the true meaning of freedom, the wars being waged against it, and what it takes to defend freedom against its enemies, does not deserve the Medal of Freedom.

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