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Thank You Arianna and Keith

Posted on August 12 2009 5:44 pm
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Arianna Huffington was on Olbermann lecturing President Obama on why he should give up his quest for bi-partisanship over healthcare, and why Harry Reid should organize a Senate censure of Charles Grassley, the Republican who along with Olympia Snowe and another Republican whose name I forget, represent the red team in the gang of six. (If only…!) Arianna’s reason? According to Arianna, Grassley has received more than $2 million from the drug companies over the last six years, making him a pawn of the evil “interests” who don’t care about the People.

But wait, flip over to Fox and Dick Morris is pointing out to O’Reilly, as it happens correctly, that the drug companies support Obama’s health care plan (and the old folks don’t). Maybe they’re not playing those Harry & Louise drug-company ads on MSNBC, who knows? But what could be more surreal than the mind of the left?

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