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Spider Woman Nancy Pelosi seeks to trap health care dissenters in her web

Posted on August 12 2009 11:15 am
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Monday night’s Red Eye began strong, with host Greg Gutfeld talking about the left’s hypocritical view of protesting:

“Speaking truth to power used to be heroic, often met with admiration and applause followed by a profile in the Times, but then something funny happened.  People started speaking truth to power, to people who speak truth to power.”

Uprisings at recent town hall meetings certainly have the Democrats worried.  One would hope that with all the free speech talk coming from leftists over the years, they would appreciate people’s right to speak their mind to the government. Guess again.

Nancy Pelosi, United States House Speaker, calls these uprisings “simply un-American.”  To Pelosi, when opposition comes from the Left it’s patriotic. When dissent emerges from the Right it’s wild and extremist. In any other context, the town hall protesters would be seen as heroes by people like Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

This is starting to sound familiar, reminiscent of an old movie.  Every time I see Nancy Pelosi, I think she would be better suited for a role in a classic noir film rather than her current post as House Speaker. Noir was a movement (1941-1959) in American cinema that focused on corrupt institutions and anti-heroic characters.

Considered in this genre, Pelosi could easily be cast as the Spider Woman.  This is a female character in most noir films who is able to lure others into a web of lies and deception.  Usually these characters are cute or sexy. However, some are the exact opposite.

Norma Desmond from Billy Wilder’s great Sunset Boulevard (1950) comes to mind.  Desmond, played by Gloria Swanson, was a silent film actress whose time expired when sound was introduced to cinema in 1927.  She lives in the past and is completely out of touch.  Starting to sound familiar?

This may sound a lot like the 1960s left (Pelosi, Clinton, and company) who currently occupy positions of great political power.  They are trying to get people caught in their web. The town hall protesters are the ones who steadfastly refuse to become their prey.

Just compare these pictures of Pelosi and Desmond, and you’ll see quite clearly: we’ve got a Spider Woman as Speaker of the House.


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