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Is an American Company Involved in Supplying Parts for Killer Devices to Iran?

Posted on August 12 2009 6:26 am
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On the Factor last night, Bill O’Reilly reported that the federal government is investigating whether an American company sold components used in making roadside bombs, known as improvised explosive devices (IEDs), to an intermediary firm in Singapore with direct ties to Iran. 

IEDs have killed more than 2,000 American soldiers in Iraq and have wounded 21,000 more (many maimed for life). Still more have been killed and wounded by IEDs in Afghanistan.  The modules are still being used today in the roadside bombs to kill Americans.  The Pentagon has been unable or unwilling to come up with effective counter-measures.  And now it appears that instead of lining up to help develop technology that would defuse the IED threat to our troops, an American company could be involved in aiding the enemy by supplying high-tech components for the devices! 

The federal investigation centers on the conduit that may have been established — starting with an American company that makes the components enabling remote activation of the explosive devices, running through the intermediary in Singapore and ending up in Iran, where the sophisticated roadside bombs  are put together and shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Factor has been told, but has not yet been able to confirm, that GE may be included in the federal investigation. GE has denied any involvement with the Singapore intermediary, which is a major partner of Iran.

The federal investigation is undoubtedly classified, and we may never know the truth behind this story.  But if it is established that any American company knowingly did business with an Iranian partner to sell components used in making the deadly explosive devices that are killing and maiming our brave soldiers, treason charges should be filed against the company and its leaders.

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