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Steven Crowder: President Obama acts "like a shady car salesman"

Posted on August 11 2009 11:25 am
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For years, conservatives have longed for our own Michael Moore — a politically aware documentary filmmaker with brains, talent and a sense of humor — but without Moore’s habit of comparing Islamist terrorists to the Minutemen, fibbing about his stock holdings to maintain his “everyman” image, and larding his “non-fiction” films with lies and half-truths.

Younger, friendlier (and far more telegenic) than his loony left counterpart, Steven Crowder may finally be our “great right hope.”

A self-made YouTube sensation, Crowder built a cult following with his short, funny and perceptive videos (and his personal “thank you’s” to bloggers who link to them). Crowder has recently made the move to the (conservative media) big time, signing up with and PJTV.

Last night, Crowder appeared on Sean Hannity’s show to discuss his latest offerings. One video gave viewers a firsthand look at where those “stimulus dollars” are going: Crowder took his camera to “yacht clubs and hotels and even a skateboard park” that have received millions in taxpayer dollars — and which look like nothing more than littered empty lots.

Crowder’s latest short film depicts his visit to an anti-Obamacare town hall, to witness the “angry mobs” in action. Crowder teases ordinary citizens about their “unAmerican” behavior, and, unable to incite them to violence, winds up beating himself up, a la Fight Club.

Last night, Crowder told Hannity that, unlike events “like Woodstock when liberals get together,” the people he met at the town hall rally also “left the place cleaner than they found it.”

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