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British Statesman Warns America of Government Healthcare Horrors

Posted on August 10 2009 5:57 am
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Member of European Parliament Daniel Hannan warned Americans of the dangers of government-run healthcare on the Friday edition of the “Glenn Beck Program.”

Hannan, a Conservative who represents Southeast England in the European Parliament, said of the British National Health Service (NHS), “The most striking thing about it is that you are very often sent to the back of the queue.”

Beck noted the lengthy waiting times for care under Britain’s socialist National Health Service (NHS). These figures were provided by the BBC on May 27, 2009:

*cataract surgery – 8 months
*hip replacement – 11 months
*knee replacement – 12 months
*slipped disc – 5 months
*hernia repair – 5 months

Although to be fair, Hannan said, the NHS provides “not so bad” care with children but “the worst thing to be is elderly under a system like ours.” Said Hannan:

I could tell you horror stories about elderly people left starving in wards, and the amazing thing is, why do we put up with it? The reason we put up with it for so long is because it has become such a huge system. It’s got such an enormous bureaucracy based around it. We have 1.4 million people employed by the National Health Service.

The NHS is the third largest employer on the planet after the Red Army in Communist China and the Indian national railways. “Most of those 1.4 million people are administrators,” Hannan said.

And the existence of that huge electoral bloc makes it impossible to get rid of the system, Hannan said.

If Americans bring in universal healthcare, they should disabuse themselves of the notion that they can somehow come back and change the system a few years from now, Hannan said.

Facing the camera, Beck said, “America, you cannot let this thing pass. You cannot let any of this structure in…now you understand why this is going to change the face of America and it’ll do it forever.”

Hannan also spoke in Washington, D.C. last week. The title of his speech at the Heritage Foundation was “Putting the Government in Charge: Why America Should Avoid Europe’s Mistakes.”

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