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NewsReal Blog Round Up: Berube has a new book on "The Left at War"

Posted on August 8 2009 11:01 am
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Michael Berube, a progressive blogger, author, professor, and frequent critic of David Horowitz has a post talking about his new book coming out this fall:

Woo hoo!  I mailed my galleys back to NYU Press yesterday—and sure enough, caught a typo late last night.  So I tossed and turned all night, dreaming of an eerie copyeditor who appears at my door saying, room for one more….  Did I mention that this will be my first book that includes a Tom Tomorrow cartoon?  And that the cartoon was placed on the wrong page of the galleys?  Fixing that little mistake will probably cost me as much as the reprint free I offered to Mr. Tomorrow.  But at least I have my very own page at the NYUP website, with all the critical book-related information:

The NYU Press page for The Left At War says:

In a masterful survey of the post-9/11 landscape, renowned scholar Michael Bérubé revisits and reinterprets the major intellectual debates and key players of the last two decades, covering the terrain of left debates in the United States over foreign policy from the Balkans to 9/11 to Iraq, and over domestic policy from the culture wars of the 1990s to the question of what (if anything) is the matter with Kansas.

The Left at War brings the history of cultural studies to bear on the present crisis—a history now trivialized to the point at which few left intellectuals have any sense that merely “cultural” studies could have something substantial to offer to the world of international relations, debates over sovereignty and humanitarian intervention, matters of war and peace. The surprising results of Bérubé’s arguments reveal an American left that is overly fond of a form of “countercultural” politics in which popular success is understood as a sign of political failure and political marginality is understood as a sign of moral virtue. The Left at War insists that, in contrast to American countercultural traditions, the geopolitical history of cultural studies has much to teach us about internationalism—for “in order to think globally, we need to think culturally, and in order to understand cultural conflict, we need to think globally.” At a time when America finds itself at a critical crossroads, The Left at War is an indispensable guide to the divisions that have created a left at war with itself.

It sounds like an interesting book. As Berube’s DTN profile makes clear, he was part of the segment of the Left which supported the war in Afghanistan and strongly condemned the 9/11 attacks (in stark juxtaposition to the Noam Chomsky/Ward Churchill Left.) This fact in mind it certainly sounds like The Left at War might be worth putting on your to-read list after you’re done with David Horowitz’s new book A Cracking of the Heart: A Requiem for My Daughter which comes out a month prior in October.

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