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Waiting for Maddow's Answers

Posted on August 7 2009 8:46 am
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On her show last night, Rachel Maddow spent 40 minutes attacking critics of the Obama socialized medicine plan as violent fronts for coporate interests. She invited a Democratic congressman to explain that he was planning not to hold any town meetings, so as to avoid giving opportunities to those Republican mobs; no evidence of course was provided to show that there actually were any such mobs (if Maddow wants to see unruly mobs she can have her cameramen follow me to the University of Texas or any other progressive stronghold to give a speech). Today the St. Louis Post Dispatch reported that a black Republican was beaten up at a Democratic townhall by Obama supporters shouting racial epithets. Yesterday the New York Times ran a frontpage story reporting that the White House had made a deal with the drug companies to treat them with kid gloves in the socialized medicine plan if they would run “Harry and Louise” ads supporting the plan. So Rachel, are you going to run segments tonight on real Democrat violence (as opposed to fanciful Republican violence), and on who’s really the shill for corporate interests?

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