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Pelosi suggests that town hall protesters carry "swastikas and symbols like that"

Posted on August 7 2009 10:30 am
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Last night on Fox News, Sean Hannity asked former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich to comment on the Democrats’ campaign to demonize protesters who oppose President Obama‘s health care reforms.

Hannity ran the now-familiar video clip of present day Speaker Nancy Pelosi, claiming that some protesters were “carrying swastikas”. (So far no evidence has emerged to substantiate Pelosi’s charge; presumably if photographic evidence existed, it would have been featured on the front page of the New York Times.)

Speaking of the Times, Gingrich observed that liberals’ fury against these lawful demonstrations of dissent reflected their growing realization that the “world [is] no longer defined by the New York Times, but by Fox News and talk radio and Twitter.”

Gingrich added that  in the “swastika” video clip, “there was an edge” to Pelosi that was “strange.”

No doubt, to many of the ordinary American citizens whom Pelosi is slandering, her own career does seem “strange.” Certainly, her San Francisco district has a reputation as a hotbed of “edgy” radical lunacy.

For example, Pelosi describes herself as an “ardent practicing Catholic,” even though she has repeatedly voted against legislation to ban partial-birth abortion.

Some argued that the longtime lawmaker’s 2008 trip to Damascus (a “state sponsor of terror) was itself a violation of the law under the Logan Act.

Most recently, Pelosi seemed confused about whether or not she’d ever been briefed on the use of the interrogation technique of “waterboarding” on suspected terrorists. Pelosi had repeatedly condemned waterboarding as “torture” and insisted that she had always opposed it. But:

then it was learned, in May 2009, that the CIA, as early as September 2002, actually had briefed Pelosi about its use of waterboarding. This revelation, in light of the fact that Pelosi had never raised any objection to the practice when she was told about it, made her appear to be a hypocrite who was now intent on punishing her political foes for having supported a tactic to which she herself had quietly assented for several years.

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