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Have No Argument? Play the “Hitler” Card!

Posted on August 7 2009 5:04 pm
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Last night’s Red Eye program opened with host Greg Gutfeld speaking his mind about the left’s take on the recent public protests over Obamacare:

“The [left’s] words are as poisonous as the Botox in her face. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t think much of the people who show up at town hall meetings to express their opposition [to] government-run health care. In fact to her, they’re worse than Hitler.”

By now we have all seen Pelosi’s comments about the Tea Parties and the anti-socialized medicine protests being “Astroturf” (i.e., artificial) movements rather than genuine “grassroots” crusades. After Greg’s comment, we saw a film clip of Pelosi asserting that some of those who show up to the healthcare town hall meetings are brandishing Swastikas.  That’s quite a sweeping generalization. Disagreeing with someone is no reason to play the Hitler card.

The DNC has produced a new commercial that characterizes Tea Party protesters and town hall attendees as “angry mobs.”

This is nothing more than predictable spin. There are more than enough very logical reasons for Americans to be upset at their federal government right now. Do the Democrats seriously believe that anyone who rejects their agendas is, by definition, a mindless drone? Do they not know anyone who has been laid off? Have they seen the latest unemployment figures?

Jonathon Hoenig of comments on these kinds of ads, saying: “These are ad-hominem attacks. It is basically saying that anyone who opposes a big government health care plan is Hitler, is a Nazi.”

This is typical of the left.  They scream about hate speech and racism, and they call Republicans “Hitler” in order to shout down the opposition.  This is what happens when they have no real argument of any substance.  Sure, conservatives call Obama a socialist, but they often will take the time to provide ample evidence justifying that assertion.  During my years as an undergraduate, I heard tons of folks calling Bush a Nazi.  None of them could come up with a single justification beyond the worn-out slogan, “no blood for oil.”  Most of these people were also 9/11 “truthers,” if that tells you anything.

Hoenig goes on to say:

“This steers the argument away from actual legitimate criticism.  People who disrupt meetings aren’t protesters; they’re hecklers and should be thrown out.  But there are a lot of folks out there that are trying to have this conversation and are getting chastised by Nancy Pelosi and others. I think it’s terrible.”

This is reminiscent of every conservative I’ve seen who has tried to speak at a college campus.  David Horowitz is no stranger to despicable heckling.  Anti-illegal immigration crusader Tom Tancredo continues to be shouted down at college campuses across the country, as do many others.

Why can’t liberals sit down and have a serious conversation with the public about anything?  The Democrats may have won the election, but they are losing the American people’s support extremely quickly.  Even Jon Stewart (the host of Comedy Central’s satiric weeknight “newscast”) and actor/comedian Dana Carvey are worried.

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