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Olbermann Calls Obamacare Opponents "Rioters" and "Shills"

Posted on August 6 2009 6:35 am
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Listening to Keith Olbermann, the host of MSNBC’s Countdown, is like is receiving multiple layers of anesthesia at the dentist: each inane phrase and assault on facts and logic he utters progressively numbs his viewer to the next. David Horowitz has noted Olbermann’s underwhelming evidence for  “health care riots” at townhall meetings, as Democrats try to sell an unpopular plan to constituents who have the audacity to speak up. Olbermann also expressed astonishment, shock, and outrage that most of those people opposing socialized medicine already have health insurance.

While mocking attendees at a Texas Democrat’s health care meeting, Olbermann sputtered, “Whether public or private, the overwhelming majority of protesters at Congressman [Gene] Green’s townhall meeting already had health care coverage.” He later fumed to The Washington Post‘s Eugene Robinson, “Should we surprised, or is it ashamed, or is it both, that these are the people who are actively shilling on behalf corporations — Big Money corporations –who are trying to derail an effort to bring the millions of Americans who do not have the insurance, the benefits that even those people in that room do, into the fold?” Robinson responded, the “message that your health insurance is at risk if something isn’t done somehow has not penetrated” the American psyche.

As CNN has reported nearly 85 percent of American residents have health care coverage, and the message that has “penetrated” their minds is that their coverage will be threatened if something is done. Hence, polls show a majority of Americans — the vast majority of whom are, in fact, insured — oppose this bill with its introduction of a “public option” that will bankrupt their health care providers, introduce Canadian-style rationing, and discourage new generations from entering the health care field (or encourage older generations to make a hasty departure).

John Lott has crunched the numbers and found that polls reveal nearly nine-in-ten of the insured are satisfied with their own coverage.  “Ninety-three percent of insured Americans who had recently suffered a serious illness were satisfied with their health care,” he writes. “So were 95 percent of those who suffered from chronic illness.” Seven-in-ten of the uninsured received health care, and “70 percent of the uninsured who indicated their level of satisfaction said they were either ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied.'” All of 2.3 percent of Americans are uninsured and dissatisfied with their health care coverage.

In other words, most Americans find their present plan, if not ideal, at least adequate. When they seek to preserve the insurance they rely on, Olbermann would have us believe they are the unwitting agents of a vast corporate conspiracy. His commentary is an eloquent example of the Left’s hatred of any Americans — no matter how great a majority they represent — who get in the way of their Big Government schemes.

Should we surprised, or is it ashamed, or is it both, that Keith Olbermann is a source of news for some dozens of MSNBC viewers?

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