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GI Joe: The Anything-but-American Hero

Posted on August 6 2009 12:15 pm
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GI Joe

Last night’s Red Eye show discussed the upcoming film, GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra.  It’s no secret that the film is drastically different from the show’s patriotic history.  Host Greg Gutfeld said of the film:

“The characters are no longer a typical American soldier.  Instead he’s part of an elite international force.  MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch calls this a business decision; I call this a wussy decision.”

Of course, Hollywood does not want American heroes.  They would give everyone else credit for doing good in the world before allowing our heroic soldiers a title outside the realm of “murderer.”

Red Eye regular Bill Shulz said:

“The original tagline was ‘The Real American Hero,’ here in this movie we probably have one, two tops.  It’s a travesty!”

This may or may not be the only honest thing Bill has said in months, but he is right.  How can you take something so pure-blooded American and screw it up?  Bill is usually sympathetic to the center-left agendas, but even he knows that GI Joe is only one thing, AMERICAN.

Greg goes on to say:

“The fact is, our mainstream media feels awkward about anything ‘American.’  But not the world, no, it loves America more than TV talking heads are willing to admit, which is why everyone risks their lives to come here, and get this, they like our heroes even more.”

This is so true.  Why do Hollywood elites have such a hard time understanding this?  No matter how mercilessly they bash our country and tell the world how bad it is, people are still risking everything to land on U.S. soil for a chance to pursue their dreams.

An LA Times article quoted GI Joe director Stephen Sommers saying: “This is not a George Bush movie, it’s an Obama world.”

Does this mean that with Obama in office, we can’t have anything purely American?  Hollywood is marketing this film to those who grew up with the GI Joe show and action figures.  Fans loved Joe for his patriotism.  This film does not appear patriotic.  If the buzz about this film is true, I hope it tanks.

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