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Glenn Beck Counters Leftist Smear that Healthcare Takeover Foes Are Disruptive Extremists

Posted on August 6 2009 3:23 am
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Glenn Beck

On his TV show Wednesday, Glenn Beck made fun of leftist claims that Americans skeptical of President Obama‘s push for universal healthcare were mindless tools of the insurance industry:

Are you one of the tens of thousands of people who don’t want government-run health care and showed up at a town hall or a rally to let it be known? […] If that’s you then you are part of the right-wing, extremist, angry mob and your anger is fake. It’s not organic. It’s not grassroots. There’s not a chance in hell you’ve experienced waiting in line at a post office or the DMV and don’t want that same wait when you need a liver.

Added Beck, “You are just a GOP robot who’s been activated — at least, that’s what the holy trinity of the media, the White House and the DNC are saying.” The ad says:

They’ve lost the confidence of the American people after eight years of failed policies that ruined our economy and cost millions of jobs. Now, desperate Republicans and their well funded allies are organizing angry mobs — just like they did during the election. Their goal? Destroy President Obama and stop the change Americans voted for overwhelmingly in November.

Leftist writer Ezra Klein offers the same smear in a more nuanced form at the Washington Post.

The tea parties might be astroturfed. They might be underwritten by large donors. But I basically agree with Marc Ambinder: They represent an authentic, and strong, sentiment. I think that sentiment is more about minority opposition than health-care reform, but it’s real.

Beck counters that the opposition to Obama is real.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have much time in my day to answer a call from the GOP, get up off my couch, leave my family for a day, to stand outside in the summer heat and rain pretending to be angry.

 I really am angry!

Conservatives aren’t natural-born protesters like granola-eating hippies. But when their country is being transformed into some wannabe European socialist craphole, we’re forced to get up off the couch.

David Horowitz shares his thoughts on Democrats’ demonization of the healthcare opposition here.

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