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Left would rather call police "racists," than let them protect African-American communities

Posted on August 6 2009 9:20 am
David Swindle is the Managing Editor of NewsReal Blog and the Associate Editor of FrontPage Magazine. Follow him on Twitter here
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Terry at ConWebWatch took issue with David Horowitz’s appearance on the Glenn Beck Show and my defense of it:

Then, in a July 23 appearance on Glenn Beck’s Fox News show, David Horowitz responded to complaints by Beck’s black crew members about racial profiling by saying: “If he’s on the New Jersey Turnpike or in that area, 70 percent of the drug dealers are black. And who do you think they’re dealing the drugs to? Poor blacks in the — in Newark, in the inner cities there. So the fact that they stopped him — I mean, it’s an inconvenience. I have an inconvenience. I get searched every single time every time I jump a plane — take a plane because I have an artificial hip, but I put up with it.”

David Swindle reiterated and sycophantically defended Horowitz’s remarks in a July 25 post at the (Horowitz-operated) NewsReal blog:


Are Kessler, Horowitz and Swindle really claiming that racial profiling is not racist? And Horowitz having “black family members” somehow give him a free pass to advocate racial profiling? It appears so.

David Horowitz had a great one-line response to Terry’s inability to even bother engaging our arguments for discussion:

What is it you don’t understand about protecting black people from black predators?

Perhaps Terry might want to refer to Heather MacDonald’s book Are Cops Racist?, or, if he’s too busy to read it, perhaps one of MacDonald’s articles on the subject.

Further, I’m not sure Terry really understands what Horowitz and I are defending here. We’re not suggesting that it’s acceptable for a cop to pull over an African-American male who’s just driving down the street, not breaking any laws. To do so would be true “racial profiling” and a genuine example of a “DWB” — “Driving While Black.”

But if an African-American male is pulled over and fits the offender profiling (which would include many factors apart from his race), a cop shouldn’t be afraid to search his car because some leftist, anti-cop activist will try and attack him as a racist. From MacDonald:

Search data is equally unhelpful to the anti-police crowd. Yes, black drivers in New Jersey and elsewhere are searched more often than their representation in raw population numbers would suggest. But if they are also transporting drugs at a higher rate, then the search numbers merely reflect good law enforcement.

State and federal drug trafficking data unremittingly point to the overrepresentation of minorities in the drug trade. Anti-police activists argue arrest and conviction data merely reflect police racism.

But independent indicators confirm the minority dominance of the drug trade. Between 1976 and 1994, for example, about 65% of the victims and known perpetrators of drug-turf homicides nationally were black. Likewise, victims and perpetrators in fatal brawls in which participants were under the influence of drugs were about 60% black. These figures match the roughly 60% of drug offenders in state prisons nationally who are black.

Once a trooper makes a traffic stop, he has a wealth of non-racial cues to work with in deciding whether to search a vehicle. Often the driver and passengers on a drug run don’t know each others’ names, or they provide completely dissimilar accounts of where they are going and why. Are they nervous? Are they driving a rental vehicle, or one from a drug-source state? Is the spare tire in the back seat?

If, in deciding whom to search, the police were crudely targeting blacks, instead of traffickers, presumably they would find drugs at a lower rate on blacks than on whites. But the hit rates for contraband nationally and in New Jersey have consistently been slightly higher for blacks than for whites. (Only the most recent data-set out of New Jersey contradicts that pattern.)

Some individual officers in New Jersey and elsewhere have undoubtedly abused their discretion in conducting traffic stops and searches. More certainly, many officers inexcusably fail to treat civilians with courtesy and respect. But, as the U.S. General Accounting Office has determined, no traffic-stop study to date proves racial profiling is occurring on a systematic basis.

Perhaps Terry should actually take a hard look at the data and come to the politically-incorrect conclusions necessary to help inner-city African-American communities protect their children from the criminals in their midst. There’s nothing racist about acknowledging the facts.

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