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Obama Joker Face Bumps President's Level of “Cool”

By now everyone has seen the new Obama/Socialism poster, which has stirred up quite the controversy. This sure seems strange, when one considers the massive number of George W. Bush posters that have publicly portrayed him as Hitler, a Vampire, or a criminal, among other things. As far as the hypocritical left is concerned, it is perfectly okay to make fun of a Republican president. But when there is a Democrat in office, ridicule becomes a serious offense.

Last night Greg Gutfeld, host of the Fox News program “Red Eye,” spoke about the Obama poster:

“[T]his Obama Joker face only elevates his hip persona. And it’s honest. Seriously, we live in a culture where anti-heroes have replaced heroes. Hence, Ledger’s Joker is far cooler than Bale’s Batman…. The Joker scoffed at tradition, after all. He revels in postmodern humor. And more important, he was played by a dead guy. You can’t get any cooler than that …”

The poster is honest, and the Joker has become cooler than Batman? How did this happen? Anti-heroes are the new heroes. Obama is an anti-hero in its purest form.

The left has always had a romance with arts and culture, now it is the right’s turn to show its artistic side.

“Red Eye” guest Remi Spencer, a criminal-defense attorney, said this of the poster:

“I don’t think this is a political statement, there is nothing meaningful about it. It is an artistic expression.”

Just like there was nothing meant by the Bush/Hitler posters, right?  Ms. Spencer is dead wrong. This IS a political statement, and a pretty darn clever one at that.

My Parcbench colleague wrote a good piece called “Fear and Loathing in America,” where he discusses how counterculture has become the new norm. There is a new definition of cool, and many people aren’t buying it.  President Obama may still seem cool to some, but the country is growing tired of him.

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