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Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright: The Common Thread They Share with the Man Running for Obama's Former Senate Seat

Posted on August 5 2009 7:43 am
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Last night, Fox News’ Sean Hannity ran a six-minute report on Alexis Giannoulias, the onetime state treasurer now running for Barack Obama‘s former Senate seat.

According to Hannity, “Alexis Giannoulias was at one time considered such a political libality, he was mentioned in the same breath as Bill Ayers” (Obama’s domestic-terrorist-turned-professor pal, who served with Obama on the board of the Woods Fund of Chicago) and Jeremiah Wright” (Obama’s longtime racist pastor and spiritual advisor who embraces Marxism).

Giannoulias, an heir to the Broadway Bank fortune, helped Obama get “seed money” for his first political campaign and provided him with an entree to the Chicago Greek community.

Obama returned the favor by endorsing Giannoulias when the latter ran for state treasurer, calling him “one of the most outstanding young men I ever hope to meet.”

Despite that endorsement, Giannoulias has a checkered past. According to the Chicago Sun-Times:

That bank, Broadway Bank, has brought Giannoulias some controversy over the years because of loans it made to organized crime-linked figures and convicted influence peddler Tony Rezko. But Giannoulias himself did not make the loans and ended his ties to the family bank.

When Wells Fargo threatened to cut off the line of credit on Des Plaines-based Hartmarx, the president’s tailor, Giannoulias threatened to yank the $8 billion in state funds they managed, Giannoulias told the crowd. The bank relented and the workers’ jobs were saved.

Not to mention Obama’s suits!

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