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Democrat Derides Grassroots Opposition to Socialized Medicine

Posted on August 5 2009 12:30 am
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Those of you, regardless of party affiliation, who don’t like the idea of socialized medicine and have the effrontery to go to town hall meetings and “hijack” them in order to make your unsolicited views known to your representatives, be warned: the “progressive” wing of the Democratic Party knows who you are and knows how to to deal with you.

Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis, Keith Olbermann’s guest last evening on Countdown, methodically outlined the strategy that Democrats need to follow in order to rid themselves of the distractions caused by you un-enlightened dissenters.

First, Kofinis was kind enough to take the time to define you to Olbermann’s audience. In case you didn’t know, you’re all a bunch of “operatives” of the Republican Party adopting the tactic of “delay, disrupt and disturb.” Kofinis is wise to you, and your pitiful attempts to turn the town hall meetings into media circuses are doomed to failure.

Those of you who are bussed to these town hall meetings by the Republicans, Kofinis says, are wasting your time.  The vast majority of Americans, he thunders, want socialized medicine, and your feeble attempts to derail the process of “reforming” the health care system will, in the end, go nowhere.

The Democratic officials holding the town hall meetings, Kofinis tells us, ought to “shame” you dissenters into stopping your antics:

Shame them. And the way in which you can shame them is to bring one of your constituents, who has suffered through this health care crisis, who can tell you a personal story, of what happens when an insurance company cuts their coverage and a child couldn’t get the care they needed.  And then let those protesters [try to] get up and fight back.

After you have been shamed, Kofinis next advises Democratic officials to expose the weakness of your arguments:

The reality is, when you explain to the American people the enormous benefits of this health care reform, [how it] is going to control costs expand coverage and tackle the problem that we cannot ignore anymore, then people will support it. But you can’t let a small group dominate the agenda or dominate [the] town hall meetings.

What you’re seeing from the Democrats in terms of a strategy…is a very aggressive strategy on multiple levels — both in grassroots media as well as using OFA (Organizing for America), which is the grassroots arm of the Obama campaign — as well as other progressive groups.  But let’s make no mistake about it.  This really is a battle for health care reform.

The message, then, to you small groups of dissenters and miscreants, is this: Stop it. Just go home, keep quiet and let Barack Obama and the enlightened leftists in Congress get on with their work of remaking America.

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