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Chris Matthews Says People Who Don't Want Socialized Medicine Are "Zany"; Texas Congressman Agrees

Posted on August 4 2009 12:30 am
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Chris Matthews’ guest on Hardball last night just doesn’t get it. Rep. Lloyd Doggett, Democrat from Texas, had some unkind things to say to Matthews about those “Conservatives and Libertarians” who, he asserts, are sabotaging the health care “debate” in America.

It seems that Doggett, along with Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and others in Congress who support Barack Obama’s push to socialize our health care system, have been met with people actually disagreeing with them at town hall meetings. Imagine, the common people thinking that they may have something to add to the debate about how the government wants to spend their money — the insolence!

After being confronted by hundreds of angry constituents at his town hall meeting in Austin over the weekend, Doggett went on to relate what happened there after being prompted by this screwball question from Matthews:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: From what I’ve been told, [Austin is] the most sophisticated political town in Texas. Sir, why the zaniness over the weekend at your town hall meeting?

REP. DOGETT: Well Chris, what better slogan for the party of “no, no way, never,” than to just say no. One of the reasons is, many of these people were summoned in by the local Republican and Libertarian Parties; they didn’t even live in the neighborhood. They were there to not be heard but to insure that others were not heard. [It was] a real desperation tactic.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: What are they up to? Why do they want to shut down any debate about health care?

REP. DOGETT: I think these people are really desperate to stop health [care] reform. For the first time in 60 years, we really have with President Obama and a Democratic Congress a chance to enact meaningful reform and deal with these policies of the health insurance giants who hurt small business that deny choice and coverage when they need it the most.

Then came Dogett’s most telling description of his constituents:

REP. DOGETT: The “just say no [crowd],” [resembled] a mob scene; it is just one way of trying to intimidate [Democratic] members [of Congress] into weakening their position—in my case, it only increased my resolve.

What Doggett coveys here — loudly and clearly — is a message to those of us who don’t like the idea of Barack Obama and his Congressional Democratic allies ramming health care “reform” down our collective throats: screw you!

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