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Chris Matthews Says Townhall Meetings "Like the Streets of Tehran"

Posted on August 4 2009 6:25 am
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Others on this blog have described how Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-TX, demeaned his constituents for having the audacity to oppose socialized medicine at a public meeting. (Doggett called their self-expression a “real desperation tactic.”) However, it’s worth memorializing the way the host of MSNBC’s Hardball, Chris Matthews, views those who reject ObamaCare: they’re jihadists. As one who has been repeatedly falsely accused of calling my critics terrorists, I find this noteworthy.

After his introductory segment with Representative Doggett, Matthews brought on Jonathan Martin of and talk-show host Michael Smerconish. Matthews began: “Everytime a member of Congress or Senate calls a town meeting now, the people show up, and it’s like, I don’t know, it’s like Iran, it’s like the streets of Tehran.”

This after Matthews opened his segment with Doggett by saying, “Noisy, angry, vengeful crowds are shouting down members of Congress who are trying to talk up President Obama’s health care push.”

If Matthews truly believes interrupting a Congressman should be verboten, where was he when Cindy Sheehan (the pro-Hugo Chavez, America-hating “peace activist”) tried to shout down the president during the 2006 State of the Union Address? Capitol police say they ejected the world’s most conspicuous griever for being “vocal” inside the halls of Congress.  Her wail became the most high-profile part of appeasement group Code Pink‘s efforts to drown out Bush’s speech in public places. (Sheehan scored a seat in the gallery, temporarily, as the guest of left-wing California Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey.)

Does the outrage over conservatvies’ insufficient deference to their Democratic betters come from the same Left that cheered when a foreign “journalist” threw his shoes at the president of the United States in the middle of a war region? The same Left that assembled in crowds when beckoned by United for Peace and Justice, International ANSWER, and Not In Our Name (each led by avowed Marxists) and denounced the president as a genocidal murderer, or marched with placards reading, “Bush is the disease. Death is the cure”? The same Left that publicly spoke of assassinating the president on numerous occasions?

Where was the concern over decor when campus leftists shouted down Congressman Tom Tancredo – or when the rage that campus radicals had been long stoking finally boiled over into physical violence against David Horowitz, Ann Coulter, William Kristol, and Pat Buchanan?

Instead the man who wrote the “malaise” speech equated middle Americans — who carried signs reading “Capitalism Not Socialism” and objected to Arlen Specter making “judgments very fast” — to the Islamic fanatics who kidnapped Americans on his former boss’s watch. President Barack Obama refuses to be so disparaging of one of those fanatics, Mahmoud Ahmadinejiad, whom he would like to meet without preconditions for a nice, cozy tête-à-tête.

That might be instructive about which party’s views are most simpatico with those of Islamic fundamentalists.

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