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So Many Czars, So Little Time: Michelle Malkin Explains Who Obama's "Special Assistants" Are

Posted on August 4 2009 6:11 am
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On Glenn Beck’s TV show Monday, author Michelle Malkin lamented the existence of the dozens of so-called czars that President Obama has appointed to help bring radical, unwanted change to America. Czars are powerful special assistants focused on specific issues; they are appointed by the president and do not require Senate confirmation.

Vivek Kundra, a convicted shoplifter who tried to evade the police, is now Obama’s infotech czar and in charge of sensitive government-information infrastructure, Malkin said.  

Health czar Nancy-Ann DeParle was a well paid lobbyist and consultant, but now she may be meeting in secret with health care executives with financial ties to her as she promotes a government takeover of the nation’s health care system, Malkin said. Van Jones is an admitted Communist yet he’s now in charge of the Obama’s administration’s “green jobs” program that has yet to produce a single job.

Meanwhile, Robert Farley of the St. Petersburg Times‘, a fact-checking website, took the show to task for a claim made on it Friday. Farley excoriated Fox anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle, a prominent and accomplished former prosecutor, for saying on the show that if one accesses the government’s Cash for Clunkers website ( from a home computer, the government can “seize all of your personal and private” information, and track one’s computer activity.  The claim, which seems consistent with the disclaimer Beck read on air that pops up on the website, is hardly as farfetched as it might initially seem, as Beck demonstrated on the Friday edition of his show. Nonetheless Farley decided to play Perry Mason, preferring his interpretation of the law to Guilfoyle’s. He ruled Guilfoyle’s assertion “false.”

On the Monday show, Beck noted that as a result of the adverse publicity received, the government changed the disclaimer on the website. Of course, Farley ignores the fact that Beck helped to generate the citizen outrage over the disclaimer, thereby forcing the government to alter it. Farley merely mentions that the disclaimer was changed Aug. 3 without explaining why. 

Earlier this year Farley performed a hatchet job on Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota) for asserting that between the Obama stimulus package and the fiscal 2010 HUD budget, the radical Alinskyite group ACORN — infamous for its voter-registration fraud campaigns and its support for subprime loans) was technically eligible for $8.5 billion in federal funds this year. After making a series of factually incorrect statements about how certain federal programs work, Farley ruled Bachmann’s claim “false.”

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