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Bill Maher: "America is a stupid country"

Posted on August 4 2009 1:16 pm
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America is a stupid country.” Those were the arrogant words disparaging the intelligence of the American people, uttered on CNN by the clown who hosts his own HBO talk show, Bill Maher:

“WOLF BLITZER: Do you think [Sarah Palin]has a future nationally as a presidential candidate?

BILL MAHER: I don’t know about a presidential candidate, but I would never put anything past this stupid country….

BLITZER: So, uh, people are already complaining that you’re calling the United States a stupid country. I’m giving you a chance to clarify.

MAHER: I don’t need to clarify. It is.

BLITZER: Tell me why you think the United States is a stupid country.

MAHER: Because Sarah Palin could be president. [laughs] Do I need to clarify any more? It’s a big country, that’s the great thing about it. There’s 300 million people here. So, uh, within this large country, there are tens of millions of very bright, intelligent people. You know, the ones who are watching us. Not the ones who are writing the emails. But, you know, in general, um, gosh, uh, you know, this country just gets dumber and dumber by the day, and, uh, I don’t think I have time on your show to list all the reasons.

Maher has had a busy couple of weeks spouting his nonsense.  Last week, for example, his “New Rule: Not Everything In America has to Make a Profit” blog was all the rage on the leftwing Internet webzine, the Huffington Post. The conservative-turned-leftist founder of that publication, Arianna Huffington, is herself a multi-millionaire and thus is no stranger to profits. Ms. Huffington declared that Maher deserved an Emmy for presiding “over one of the best places on television to find edgy, unapologetic, and laugh-til-it-hurts political and social commentary rooted in deep conviction.” 

Arianna, I suggest that you watch Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity for some edgy, unapologetic and INTELLIGENT commentary rooted in traditional American values.

I had the opportunity to meet Bill Maher a few years ago and ask him what he thought of the United Nations in view of the Bush administration’s skepticism about the UN’s capacity to ease international tensions. (Indeed, the UN has proved itself, time and again, to be a politically impotent institution whose principal hallmark is its propensity for bashing the United States and Israel.) Without the benefit of a teleprompter in front of him, Maher gave a completely incoherent answer that would have made Sarah Palin’s worst moments in her Katie Couric interview shine by comparison.

The man is a fool who thinks of himself as an intellectual worthy of respect, when in fact he does nothing more than parrot an endless parade of oh-so-predictable leftist talking points about the purported glories of socialized medicine, the greed of big bad corporations that are ruining America, the dangers of global warming, the horrors of the Bush war-on-terror policies (which prevented another 9/11, incidentally), etc. 

Instead of an Emmy, Maher deserves one of O’Reilly’s Pinhead Awards. He is scarcely the intellectual equal of his fellow clown, Al Franken, the man whose recent Senate victory in Minnesota bore the oily fingerprints of ACORN, the infamous “community organization” best known for its massive involvement in voter-registration fraud.

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