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FOX: The Left reveals its true agenda yet again, this time on healthcare

Posted on August 2 2009 6:59 pm
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Watching Fox News this afternoon I was astonished to see this clip of Representative Barney Frank (D) confronted by a “single-payer healthcare” (government-run healthcare) advocate.

The activist with the camera demanded to know why Frank wasn’t pushing for the Left’s true dream of socialized medicine. Frank was quite honest about it: the votes for single-payer weren’t there. (Hell, they don’t even know if it’s there for whatever healthcare reform they’re trying for!) Frank then let the cat out of the bag: this kind of health care reform that they’re pursuing now (a so-called “public option” that people can choose to buy) is actually just part of the slippery slope toward single-payer!

I can just imagine the phone call Frank should be expecting from President Barack Obama: “Sorry Barney but you blew it. No more talking to the press about health care. How am I going to sell this thing if people know that it’s just a stepping stone to socialism?”

Seeing Frank in action I couldn’t help recall Rep. Maxine Waters socialist slip that I blogged about yesterday! When you pursue secret socialist agendas and cloak them in liberalism it’s only a matter of time before the truth gets out.

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