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Fox: Rep. Maxine Waters has a socialist freudian slip

Posted on August 1 2009 6:09 pm
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“And guess what this liberal will be all about? This liberal will be all about socializing, uh, uh… would be about basically about taking over the government running all of your companies.”

My first reaction upon seeing this clip was to think, “Surely somebody has played with the audio on this video a bit. There’s no way she’d actually just blurt it out like that. That’s a Republican’s dream come true to have her say something that stupid.”

Alas, know a little bit about California Representative Maxine Waters and it’s not hard to believe that she’d actually say what she does in the video. Waters has praised Marxist tyrant Fidel Castro, formerly chaired the Congressional Black Caucus, and been a member of the Democratic Party’s left-wing Progressive Caucus. She also co-chaired race-baiter extraordinaire Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaign. She co-sponsored Rep. John Conyer’s reparations for slavery bill.

These kinds of confrontational, leftist outbursts are common for Waters, just check out this video also:

Wow, just watch that performance. Look at Waters’ zeal as she goes after these evil capitalist bad guys. These have to be the moments that she lives for — the opportunities to attack corporate CEOs, the very symbols of capitalism.

So really the only thing that’s astonishing about Waters’ freudian slip in the first clip is not that she thinks it but that she accidentally said it. Usually the Left is so good at cloaking their agendas. I mean that’s why she’s calling herself a a “liberal” in the above speech. There’s nothing “liberal” about socialism and the government taking over companies. And there’s certainly nothing “liberal” about the radical tone Waters uses when going after CEOs.

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