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FREE SPEECH TV: The Sad State of Marxist "Journalism"

Posted on July 31 2009 7:13 am
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While the rest of the left wing media has gotten bored with the topic and has long since returned to its favorite subject – namely, the cult-like hero-worship directed toward Barack Obama — Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! still refuses to believe that in a small corner of Central America, an unpopular leader with Marxist tendencies has been soundly rejected and ousted from office.

After weeks of airing story after story about Honduras, building up to a symphonic-like crescendo, Goodman treated us last night to an interview with Zelaya himself! An interview which, no doubt, was relatively easy to arrange, since nobody else seems to be queuing up trying to get an interview with Zelaya these days.

Really, at this point this is getting rather tiresome. It seems like only yesterday that Goodman got an “exclusive” with Zelaya’s wife (oh yeah, it was yesterday), an interview whose highlight was Mrs. Zelaya’s touching appeal to Hillary Clinton’s womanhood.

The surprising thing about this interview, however, was how, despite Goodman’s efforts to bait Zelaya with loaded questions, he was actually quite diplomatic in his answers.

And what questions! Here’s a sampling of what passes for journalism on Democracy Now!:

AMY GOODMAN: It’s widely recognized that the coup would not stand without US support. What more do you think the United States has to do now?

AMY GOODMAN: While President Obama called your ouster a coup originally, the State Department is refusing to call it a coup now. Your response, Mr. President?

AMY GOODMAN: Lanny Davis, President Clinton’s lawyer, is the lawyer for the Honduras chapter of the Business Council of Latin America. He says he represents Camilo Atala and Jorge Canahuati. Who are they, as he speaks against your government?

AMY GOODMAN: Mr. President, some see the coup in Honduras as a new strategy against progressive independent governments in Latin America. Can you put the conflict, the coup, in a larger context in Latin America right now?

AMY GOODMAN: What reports, Mr. President, do you have of the human rights situation right now in Honduras—the murders, the beatings, the bombings?

And here’s the most bizarre question of all:

AMY GOODMAN: Some people have commented on your conversion, on changing from allying with the oligarchy to where you are today, with the popular movements. Can you talk about that change?

Democracy Now!, can we put this story to rest already? Zelaya’s leftist policies have been REJECTED. And please don’t drag out Zelaya’s former gardener for a future “exclusive” interview. We really can’t take much more.

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