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MSNBC: Palin's Popularity Is Due to Sex Appeal

Posted on July 30 2009 6:15 am
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MSNBC news anchor Donny Deutsch offered this assessment Monday of the reason for the American public’s interest in Sarah Palin as a political figure:

“The reason we have a fascination with Sarah Palin, men and women: This is the first woman in power that has sexual appeal, and people don’t know what to do with it. That’s why people are fascinated with her. Everything else is secondary…. This is a new definition of female power we have never seen before. Men and women are learning how to process it. They’re fascinated. Once they get past that, she’ll be nothing but a media figure. She’ll never be a political figure.”

MSNBC correspondent Norah O’Donnell echoed Deutsch:

“I totally agree with you.…. She’s young. She’s gorgeous. She has 5 children. And she doesn’t take advice from anyone. She’s got a different style.”

O’Donnell added, for good measure, that Palin is a “complicated person,” in part because of the “ethics complaints” levied against her.

Mr. Deutsch’s co-host, Tamron Hall, provided this insight:

“Beauty can’t be power because it is not permanent.… If her looks start to fade a little faster, she may not have success she has.…. She won’t look like that, none of us will, in about two more election cycles. So if her beauty is her power, it can quickly leave.”

Hall added that part of “the fascination with [Palin] is her snarkiness,” her propensity to say “I’m a pitbull with lipstick. Bring it on, media.”

Radio host Shannyn Moore rounded out the monotone chorus of leftist analysis by observing: “A lot of [Palin’s] supporters here wear buttons that say, ‘Hottest Governor, Coldest State,’ … and you know I think it actually sets us back a little bit.”

Then Deutsch dutifully tied up the segment in a neat bow of derision when he said, “I don’t want [Palin] running this country until she figures out [that] being close to Russia, living in Alaska, is not the definition of foreign relations.”

There you have it. That is what passes nowadays for political analysis by the Left. It apparently never occurred to any of these individuals, even for a moment, that Palin’s popularity might be based upon such things as her devotion to the rights of the unborn, or her message of low taxes, free markets, limited government, and energy independence facilitated by oil exploration here at home. Those things couldn’t possibly matter to anyone, right?

No, to leftists it all boils down to what they consider the visceral emotions of irrational conservative yahoos. From a psychological perspective, it is quite possible that we are witnessing a textbook case of projection by the Left. Leftists are, after all, the devoted hero-worshippers of Barack Obama, who has been turned into a mythic figure by the media and Hollywood elites — even though he has lived his entire adult life openly espousing socialist ideals and allying himself with angry radicals who detest the United States. (See William Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, ACORN, and the National Council of La Raza, to cite just a few examples.) Because leftists have mastered the art of mindless hero-worship, it stands to reason that they would project this same trait onto conservatives.

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