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FREE SPEECH TV: Amy Goodman Finds a New Enemy to Despise

Posted on July 30 2009 8:45 am
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Yesterday Amy Goodman reported on Democracy Now!, cable TV’s Marxist forum, that the Colombian Government is sending elite Special Forces Operations troops to Afghanistan to assist the United States and Coalition forces in their “occupation” of that country.

The report continues:

“[Colombia is] the top recipient of US aid in the Americas despite having one of its worst human rights records and the world’s second-largest internally displaced population after Sudan. A ‘top US official’ told CBS News, ‘The more Afghanistan can look like Colombia, the better.'”

It sounds like Goodman has an ax to grind here. But why single out Colombia for the harsh rhetoric she usually reserves for the United States? Why the malice towards that country?

Could it be that Colombia’s president, Alvaro Uribe, is the only leader in South America who has had the courage to stand firm against Venezuela’s soon-to-be-dictator-for-life Hugo Chavez, who, like Goodman, is a Marxist?

Could Goodman be upset because Uribe has had the backbone to stand up to Chavez wannabe and stooge Rafael Correa, the socialist president of Ecuador? Or maybe it’s because Uribe has traded insults not only with Nicaraguan president and former Marxist dictator Daniel Ortega, but also with Bolivia’s Marxist strongman Evo Morales?

Could it be that Goodman is angry with Uribe because of his decimation of the FARC, Colombia’s Marxist Guerrilla movement that has killed thousands over the years? Or perhaps it’s because of the way he made fools of FARC thugs last year when he duped them into releasing Ingrid Betancourt, a politician who had been kidnapped and treated inhumanely by them for years?

Could be.

Colombia is surrounded by Marxist states that antagonize it at every opportunity. It has had to deal with a Marxist insurgency that is even now being funded and supported by Venezuela (see story here about a recent raid on a FARC guerrilla camp which uncovered Swedish rocket launchers that had been sold to Venezuela). But what must be worst of all, in Amy Goodman’s eyes, is that Colombia is staunchly pro-American.

And that’s why Goodman doesn’t like Colombia.

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