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CNN Campbell Brown — Beer Summit Loss for Leftwing Racists

Posted on July 30 2009 6:11 pm
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Campbell Brown had two African American leftists on a panel with Bill Bennett discussing the Beer Summit. One of them, an NPR commentator named Bashear, the second John Ridley, a Emmy Award winning screenwriter and blogger at That Minority and former NPR commentator, and the white guy Bill Bennett. The color scheme — two black leftists and a white conservative — was designed to reinforce the racist attitudes of the CNN network and its liberal viewers.

Bashear and John, as Brown familiarly referred to her two black friends, were disappointed, not to say outraged, that Obama treated the cop — and the cops — respectfully and seemed willing to let the Cambridge outrage (as they saw it) go. The failure to lynch the cop for an incident in which another black man was another victim obviously disappointed them.

Coincidentally, Geraldo, commenting on the O’Reilly Factor, agreed. You have to understand, Bill, said Geraldo — or words to that effect — every black man and Hispanic (but not Asians and Arabs or Jews or Mormons?) has a different experience with the police than white guys like you. Oh yeah, and then there are those minority cops who side with the man, Geraldo said, or words to that effect.

On what planet are leftists like Geraldo living? Are there racist cops? Yeah — but trust me, they come in all colors. Are white guys beat to a pulp because they’re white by rogue black cops? You bet. And there are video tapes to prove it. Only you’re not going to see them on the news.

But all this is somewhat irrelevant to the fact that Gates acted like an a-hole, impersonating a ghetto black when he’s a personal friend of the man in the White House. The whole incident was triggered because instead of cooperating with police, Gates reacted in a racist manner to the fact that the officer was white, and, instead of cooperating with him, insulted him by calling him a racist, phoning his boss and slandering him as a racist — thus threatening Crowley’s  job — and arrogantly telling him “you don’t know who you’re messing with.”

The victory for sanity that the beer summit represented was evident in the frustration and disappointment of Bashear and John. It would have been complete if both Gates and the President had apologized to the officer. That didn’t happen, but it’s unreasonable to think it would have. The fact is that the thin blue line held and had the majority of Americans behind it, and that’s very good news.

And BTW: What the hell was that fool Biden doing at this meeting?

Finally, here the are the statements of Crowley and Gates. Read the Gates statement and enjoy the respect that is being paid to the normally maligned law enforcement profession — another indication of why this summit was a victory for sanity and old fashioned American values over the racial grievance mongering of the left.

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