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Zelaya's Gone, but Democracy Now! Keeps Trying to Bring Him Back!

Posted on July 27 2009 11:21 am
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Obviously alarmed that the media coverage of the ouster of Marxist strongman Manuel Zelaya from Honduras a few weeks ago has begun to fade, the Marxists over at Democracy Now!, led by Amy Goodman, are trying hard to keep the Zelaya story alive. The problem is, nobody seems to care much about it anymore.

What’s more, those who have paused to take time to reflect on the event seem to be having second thoughts about Zelaya, including, surprisingly, the administration of Barack Obama, which initially characterized Zelaya’s removal as a “coup,” and which now seems to have softened its rhetoric. Hillary Clinton, for example, who was also quick to come out in support of Zelaya after his ouster, even went so far as to characterize as “reckless” Zelaya’s weekend attempt to foment trouble in Honduras by briefly crossing the border.

Goodman’s producers, meanwhile, in trying to reignite the dying embers of the story, appear to be groping at straws, and the best they could do last evening was to have a “National Exclusive” interview with Xiomara Castro de Zelaya, the ousted president’s wife.

Mrs. Zelaya began by issuing a strongly worded appeal (in translation) to Hillary Clinton, woman to woman, by exclaiming:

Hillary Clinton is a mother, a wife and also a daughter. And today, I am appealing to her sentiments as a woman, so that she can understand the difficulties that we are experiencing here [in exile] in the country [Nicaragua].

Touching as those sentiments are, let’s take a moment to review some of the events that led to the Zelayas now finding themselves in their new role as perpetual guests of fellow Marxist President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua:

  1. Officials are investigating allegations that Zelaya stole millions from the Central Bank of Honduras. A security video from the Central Bank of Honduras (now in the possession of the The Washington Times) shows Honduran officials entering the bank and withdrawing millions, which was taken directly to Mr. Zelaya’s chief of staff, Enrique Flores Lanza.
  2. Zelaya was planning an illegal referendum that, if successful, would have permitted him to serve a second term as president. This is blatantly illegal under the Honduran Constitution. Honduras’ Supreme Court, the military, its Congress, and the majority of the people were all united in their vigorous opposition to the referendum.
  3. The Zelaya administration was coming more and more under the influence of Marxist Hugo Chavez, the soon to be president-for-life of Venezuela. Honduras is a conservative country, and the growing influence of the leftist ideology of Chavez over Zelaya prompted Honduran Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga to declare that Zelaya no longer has:

“…any authority, moral or legal. The legal authority he lost because he broke laws and the moral authority he lost with a discourse full of lies. The most patriotic thing he could do is stay away. Anything else is just trying to impose Hugo Chavez’s project [Socialism] at all costs.”

The Hondurans don’t want Chavez-style authoritarianism, and running Zelaya out on a rail was their way of making that fact known to the world.

Goodman and the folks at Democracy Now! should begin to reconcile themselves to that fact.

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