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FOX: Arabs "Need" To Kick the Jews out of the Arab Middle East

Posted on July 27 2009 7:41 am
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Fox reporter Mike Tobin had a Freudian slip on camera referring to Israeli settlements as taking land that Palestinians “need” to establish a Palestinian state. Then referred to Israeli settlements as a land “grab.” What Tobin obviously meant to say was that the Palestinians need to make the West Bank Judenfrei in order to establish their Islamic Nazi state. Otherwise why are Jewish settlements a problem at all? There are more than a million Arabs settled in Israel — a territory that has not been ruled by Arabs for almost 500 years. (The Ottoman Turks controlled both sides of the Jordan and the area that includes Syria, Iraq and Lebanaon from the 16th Century to 1920 and the British and French until the present states were created between 1922 and 1948.) But there are no Jews anywhere — or anywhere allowed — in the Arab Muslim Middle East. That is because the Arab Muslims have the same attitude towards Jews that Hitler did.

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