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Fox: Ann Coulter tells Geraldo that Birther movement "just a few cranks out there"

Posted on July 26 2009 11:35 pm
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I’d vowed that I wasn’t going to do another post on the Obama birth certificate conspiracy. And then I saw conservative superstar Ann Coulter on Geraldo at Large making pretty much the same arguments I have. (Namely: this is kook stuff and the media are using it against the Right.)

Former GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee — also on the panel — makes the single best, most persuasive, anti-Birther argument I have ever heard since this whole debate began. If this doesn’t convince the True Believers then NOTHING will:

The reason that we knew this wasn’t true was because I promise you that Hillary Clinton and her very careful research would have found this out and used this in the primary. I kept telling people, there’s no way this would have escaped them and they would have pulled the trigger on it.

Do you really believe that Hillary Clinton‘s people wouldn’t have found this? Do you really think that she wouldn’t have employed Clinton-style political hitmen to blast Obama with this stuff until the nomination was hers?

(I can already hear the conspiracist’s response: “Well she’s in on it too and kept her mouth shut so he could be President first and she could be Secretary of State and THEN she’ll run for President.” My eyes are starting to glaze over.)

Also on her blog Coulter quotes from R. Emmett Tyrrell’s Human Events column which reveals that the media are actively seeking conservatives that will push the Birther story while shunning those who will not:

Well, ha-ha-ha. Back comes my disappointed booker after conveying the good news that we would be setting the record straight on the show shortly. Alas, the show’s producers did not want me to set the record straight. They had wanted me to defend the false story. But I reminded the booker that I knew the story to be false. In fact, I had provided the show with irrefutable proof that the story is false. Obama is American-born.

The show proceeded to find a guest who would repeat the false story, either knowingly or out of ignorance. So much for getting to the truth of issues on television. As for me, I never knowingly would publish anything that I knew to be untrue, not in this column or in The American Spectator.

That was basically the point of my original post on the subject: the media are using this story as a cudgel to hit the Right. And I hope all the Birther conspiracists will now also consider Coulter, Huckabee and Tyrrell “leftist libutards” and vow to never read anything they write again either.

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