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Media Matters cuts Horowitz interview, hides politically-incorrect truth

Posted on July 25 2009 4:39 pm
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It’s time for a little compare and contrast. First, here’s the complete version of David Horowitz’s Thursday appearance to discuss the Henry Louis Gates, Jr controversy on the Glenn Beck show:

Everybody watched it? OK, now here’s what the leftist advocacy group Media Matters wants you to see of his appearance in their version:

Can you tell the difference? Hint: It’s the last part of Horowitz’s comments they cut — his response to the black stage crew complaints.

For Media Matters the story here was that Beck’s black crew members had a personal anecdote of racial profiling and a rebuttal to Horowitz’s invocation of O.J. Simpson. What Media Matters doesn’t find necessary to show you is that Horowitz had a politically incorrect, painfully true retort for the crew member’s story of alleged racial profiling. In explaining why it might be appropriate to search an African-American man’s truck when he gets pulled over Horowitz threw out something Media Matters doesn’t want people to think about: a high percentage of drug dealers in the New York-New Jersey area were black and were making money addicting young blacks to drugs.

This isn’t a “racist” point. He’s not saying that blacks are ethnically inclined to be drug dealers. Horowitz has black family members and has been a civil rights activist for his entire life. He’s primarily concerned with seeing that black children grow up in a safe environment so they too can participate in the American Dream. And part of that means confronting the criminals that are standing in the way of that pursuit. (This is trademark Horowitz. He explored similar territory in Hating Whitey: And Other Progressive Causes.)

Yes, there certainly is a painful history between the police and the African-American community. But if law-abiding, intelligent African-Americans (like Gates) want their communities to thrive and prosper isn’t it time to make peace with the police? Shouldn’t blacks welcome the help of police in defeating the criminal gangs and drug dealers that plague their inner city communities? The police have certainly stepped up. As Horowitz points out, the cop now being accused of being a racist helped train other cops not to racial profile and had been appointed to that position by an African-American sergeant.

But for Media Matters to allow for a conservative to show concern for the African-American community wouldn’t fit with the developing “the Republican Party has a race problem” narrative that it and such “progressives” as Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, and Keith Olbermann have been busy propagandizing the past few weeks. It’s unfortunate but not particularly surprising.

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