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MSNBC: Gates "the Rosa Parks of racial profiling"

Posted on July 24 2009 1:45 pm
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The brief arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates earlier this week — and President Obama’s comments regarding his old friend’s troubles with the law during a prime time press conference — continue to provide fodder for cable talk shows and their seemingly shared Rolodex of reliably race-baiting guests.

Georgetown University professor and noted “gangsta rap” expert Michael Eric Dyson has proven to be particularly popular with show bookers, and he presumably hasn’t disappointed them yet.

During his Monday appearance on CNN’s Situation Room, host Wolf Blizter didn’t challenge Dyson while “he played precisely the song one would expect of him: [declaring that] America is a fundamentally racist nation and Gates was an innocent victim of racial profiling.”

Then last night, Dyson appeared on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show”, hosted by Ed Schultz. Like Blitzer, Schultz didn’t dare challenge Dyson’s hyperbole, even when the latter referred to Gates as “the Rosa Parks of racial profiling.”

Dyson claimed that President Obama‘s comments about the Cambridge, MA police officers who arrested Gates were being misrepresented by the President’s critics. Obama, Dyson explained, hadn’t called the police “stupid”; rather, he’d said they had “acted stupidly,” and “there’s a big difference between the two.”

Dyson rushed forward to his next point without explaining what that “big difference” was.

Then Dyson described Gates as an unlikely target for such “stupid” police behavior. After all, Dyson claimed, Gates “doesn’t stir up trouble, doesn’t go around fomenting controversy, and is very balanced.”

An unusual contention, in light of Gates’ close association with radical Marxist professor and self-described “prophet” Cornel West — not to mention Gates’ extreme over-reaction to this minor mutual misunderstanding.

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