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FREE SPEECH TV: Senate Says, Leave Your Guns At Home

Posted on July 24 2009 4:12 am
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As reported last night by a smirking and evidently pleased Amy Goodman, the far-left host of Democracy Now!, the Senate, in a very close vote, failed Tuesday to pass an amendment designed to allow individuals with concealed carry permits in their home states to travel with those weapons across state lines.

By defeating the measure, introduced by Republican Senator John Thune of South Dakota, the Senate has sent a clear message to those law-abiding citizens already vetted in their home states with regard to responsible gun ownership: If you travel or move across state lines, forget about protecting yourselves and your families with your licensed firearms.

Thune’s bill, in a nutshell, advanced the notion, implicit in the Constitution, that:

“An individual should be able to exercise their [Second] Amendment constitutional right and be able to travel through individual states as long as they live by the laws of those states.”

As sensible and obvious as that sounds, the anti-Second Amendment wing of the Democratic Party — led in this fight by New York Senator Chuck Schumer (who actively supported pro-Second Amendment Democrats when they ran against Republicans in statewide elections) and Illinois Senator Richard Durbin, a staunch supporter of gun control – believes otherwise, and lobbied hard to have the bill defeated.

Although all but two Senate Republicans and twenty Democrats (including, it should be noted, scandal-ridden Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who will be up for re-election next year in gun-friendly Nevada) supported the measure, it nevertheless failed to overcome the fierce opposition of the Democratic Party’s left wing, which invariably opposes citizens’ legal right to bear arms for self-protection.

In a disingenuous rhetorical sleight of hand, these pro-Big Government Democrats, who almost always side with the federal government in all disputes where federal and state laws conflict, actually argued that they were against the measure in part because it would trump state rights — in this case, apparently, a bad thing!

Senator Durban even went as far as to say:

“The states already have laws. Under the Thune amendment, those laws could be ignored. So if the Thune amendment becomes law, people who are currently prohibited from carrying concealed guns in those 36 states are free to do so. It is absurd that we are considering this.”

Here’s another absurdity for you to think about. If you have both a driver’s license and a concealed carry permit and you wish to travel to another state with your weapon, only one of those two documents will remain legal once you cross state lines. In other words, take the car but leave your gun at home.

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