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CNN: The Gates Kerfuffle Gets An Upside

Posted on July 24 2009 5:00 pm
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Wolf Blitzer reported Obama‘s latest press conference on the Gates affair. A climb down. Sorry, I misspoke. John King “interviewed” the decietful House Speaker who approved of the President’s climb down — without admitting it was a climb down or even committing to an interpretation of what it was and then said, but we have to remember that “racial profiling” is still an issue — in other words the cops are racist. Actually racial profiling still is an issue, but the profiling is an exclusive strategy of Democrats who can’t give up the race card, and the targets are white people caught in abiguous circumstances like Sgt. Crowley.

Blizter than turned to Larry Elder and Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons. Simmons wouldn’t surrender the race card on any count. His gripe: he was once stopped because a lady in a convenience store had reported to police that three blacks with “bulges in their pockets” had come into the store. Big deal. Simmons thought this would never happen to white people. Really? Racial profiling now signifies any inconvenience blacks think they have in cooperating with the law. Larry of course was super sensible. Obama should have treated this as a particular incident not obviously involving race, and should not have attacked the police. That was stupid and he is paying for it. And that’s the good news.

The racial left — and I include of course Gates, who comes out of this looking pathetic (see his “your mama” quote) — is on the defensive. Blizter’s news commentator described the president as “up to his eyeballs” in the race issue as a result of his initial gaffe. This is great news actually. Consider the lynching of the Rodney King cops, the burial while alive of Jimmy the Greek and other hapless whites who stumble into this buzz saw, and you’ll see how far we have come. This may be an emblem for the unintended consequences of the Obama Administration which serve to strengthen the conservative backbone of America.

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