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FREE SPEECH TV: Obama's Health Care Reform Plan Stinks in Every Nostril

Posted on July 23 2009 10:41 am
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Like a well-dressed used car salesman trying to move a lemon from his lot and into the hands of an unsuspecting dupe, President Barack Obama presses on with his efforts to strong-arm legislators into voting for his socialist health-care reform plan, the passage of which will result in nothing more than the collective duping of the American people and the bankrupting of the finest health care system in the world.

Yet Obama’s continued contention that his plan is the only plan capable of reforming health care in this country, in light of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, demonstrates that he is, first and foremost, an ideologue — utterly impervious to any facts that threaten to contradict his vision of the world.

Meanwhile, criticism against Obama’s plan keeps mounting. Just last week, for example, the well-respected Congressional Budget Office (CBO) criticized the plan. In a scathing report that became an immediate embarrassment to the White House, the CBO concluded that Obama’s plan would succeed only in “rais[ing] federal health care spending, which is already growing at an unsustainable rate.” The CBO’s assessment, in a nutshell, is that the plan stinks.

It stinks so badly, in fact, that even President Obama’s personal physician for over 20 years has said as much. Dr. David Scheiner, who treated the President from 1987 until he entered the White House, told Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman yesterday that, in his view, a better solution for reforming healthcare would be to just adopt a single-payer system like Medicaid. Overhauling Medicaid, according to Dr. Scheiner, would be much cheaper than what Obama proposes under his plan.

In addition, argues Dr. Scheiner, a single-payer plan would better benefit the patient, because:

“They’ll get more freedom under Medicare. The insurance companies—there’s no question—they restrict care. Under Medicare, people have incredible freedom. I can’t remember in the last forty years that I’ve been taking care of patients under Medicare that they [Medicare] have ever gotten in my way, but the insurance companies are constantly getting in my way.”

Under Obama’s health care reform plan the insurance companies will be removed from the examining room, and medical records will be held in government databases and will be universally accessible. Replacing the insurance companies with government overseers is, according to Dr. Scheiner, not the answer:

“Obama—President Obama believes that when we have electronic records, somehow night will change into day. That won’t happen. First of all, it’s extremely costly. It will become even easier to scam the health insurance companies and Medicare when you have a cursor that can go over all the things that you perhaps didn’t do, but look good on paper, and you can code much higher.”

The largest fraud ever to be perpetuated on the American consumer is being put forth by Barack Obama as the answer to all of America’s health care problems. Don’t let him and his Democratic accomplices in the House and Senate dupe us. Pressure your legislators to vote against this lemon before it’s too late.

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