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FOX: Do We Want Obama to Be Our Doctor-In-Chief?

Posted on July 23 2009 9:33 am
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I listened to President Obama last night, hoping that he would answer some hard questions during his press conference about his universal health care plan.  He did not.  The mainstream liberal press gave him a free pass. 

Bill O’Reilly summed up his own reaction on his show that immediately followed the press conference, when he said that he was more confused than ever about Obamacare.

What we do know is downright scary.  The President wants to be our doctor-in-chief.  Our medical records will be in a Washington D.C. database to enable the government to “help” us make the “correct” choices about our care.  The government will have the power to decide what deserves to be paid for and what does not, intruding directly into the privacy of the doctor-patient relationship.

Where are the left-wing civil libertarians who talk about preserving a woman’s right to choose in all circumstances and do not want any surveillance of e-mails with suspected terrorists out of concern for their privacy rights, but are now suddenly silent when our basic right to choose our own medical care in consultation with our own doctor is being threatened by Big Government? 

If the reasoning in Griswold v. Connecticut and Roe v. Wade regarding “privacy” as a fundamental constitutional right is to mean anything, Obamacare’s intrusion into the privacy of our most important medical decisions about our own bodies would be a clear violation of the Constitution. 

Besides the constitutional problem, Obamacare will bankrupt us despite the president’s insistence that the plan will be deficit-neutral.  Taxes on small businesses will go up, killing off millions of more jobs.

Obama did not address the serious objections raised by the Congressional Budget Office and the Mayo Clinic.  Instead, he made the preposterous claim that two-thirds of the cost of his program can be paid for by reforming and cutting wasteful spending in Medicare and Medicaid.  Just think about it for a moment.  We are supposd to trust the government with running nearly 20 percent of our economy when two-thirds of the cost will supposedly be paid for by fixing two currently broken government health programs!

I share with many Americans the opinion that Obama should not become our doctor-in-chief, and that we cannot afford another one of his economy-wrecking Big Government programs.

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