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CNN's Heidi: How to Spin the News — Racially

Posted on July 23 2009 11:17 am
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Heidi Collins runs CNN’s morning news show. Covering the unemployment statistics this morning, she demonstrated the soft racism that pervades the universe of American liberalism. Reporting the unemployment situation, she broke down the statistics by, guess what? Answer: by percentages that reflected the “racial gap” between — guess who? — blacks and whites. They came up 8.7% for whites and 14.7% for blacks.

Not a shred of intelligent analysis followed these statistics, examining, for example, what industries the unemployed blacks and whites were in, how long they had been working at their respective jobs, or what their skill levels were. The statistics were treated by Heidi as though hiring and firing were based on race.

For commentary, Heidi interviewed three successful African Americans: a chemical engineer who had been laid off in February and rehired a month later, a magazine editor, and the head of “Global Diversity” for a major bank.

To each of them, Heidi repeated the question, what specifically affects blacks in the current economic situation more than whites? The first two black commentators said the key factor was self-confidence. The diversity counselor identified both confidence and access as the major factors. His reference to “access” seemed, at first, to be a suggestion that blacks were barred from hiring — which is of course illegal under American laws — a fact that didn’t prevent Heidi from insinuating as much. (Nor, for that matter, has that fact prevented university professors on every campus in the country from teaching that America is “institutionally racist.”)

But as the diversity counselor elaborated, it became clear that he meant that African Americans were not familiar enough with networking systems such as Linked-In, and not as familiar with job opportunities as they should be.

These answers showed that Heidi’s fishing expedition was misguided if not malicious (why single out blacks — are there no other unemployment disaparities between racial and/or ethnic groups?). It’s time to bury this kind of race mongering, to stop suggesting that racial discrimination is a big problem for African Americans as though they are still living back in the era of segregation. By now it is obvious to everyone – though it still can’t be said without risk — that blacks do get special treatment.

Imagine, for example, a major American city such as Los Angeles, forking over millions of taxpayer dollars to provide a hero’s funeral for a crotch-grabbing, drug-addicted, child-molesting singer who was white,  and a national news media fawning over him 24/7 as though he had been a prince among men.

Imagine a white Al Sharpton — a convicted liar, a racial extortionist, the inciter of racially motivated uprisings, one of which resulted in the deaths of eight victims — reinventing himself as a statesman and being received as such by the nation’s anchors.

Sharpton absurdly, ludicrously, insultingly compared the late Michael Jackson to Martin Luther King for breaking racial barriers in achieving his success. What barriers? Michael Jackson was rich and famous when he was five years old. And that was forty-five years ago.

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