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FOX: The Left's Indifference to a Captured American Soldier

Posted on July 22 2009 8:36 am
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Where are the left-wing human rights groups like Amnesty International (which has accused the U.S. of war crimes), when the Taliban is seen using one of our captured soldiers in a propaganda video in clear violation of international law?  Where are those who routinely condemn our detention of enemy combatants in Guantanamo Bay, when the same enemy threatens to kill the American soldier in its custody unless the U.S. military ceases its operations in certain parts of Afghanistan?  The Left simply does not care about this soldier unless his capture can somehow be exploited to advance their own anti-American narrative.

The soldier, identified by the Associated Press as 23-year-old Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl of Ketchum, Idaho, was shown in a Taliban-produced video a few days ago.  He apparently had been captured when he left his base camp.  According to the AP, his captors elicited comments from him saying that the war was extremely hard, that he wanted to learn more about Islam, and that the morale of American soldiers was low.

“Well, I’m scared,” he said on the video, “scared I won’t be able to go home. It is very unnerving to be a prisoner.”

The Taliban’s tactics are reminiscent of the Viet Cong’s videos of captured American soldiers four decades ago in Southeast Asia.  Will the Taliban be hiring Hanoi Jane Fonda (who openly sided with America’s communist enemy in the Vietnam War) as their Hollywood spokesperson?  Could be.

And will the mainstream media be using the Taliban footage to misrepresent what is taking place in Afghanistan the way they did in Vietnam?  Probably.

There were some worrisome questions raised on The O’Reilly Factor last night as to whether Mr. Bergdahl had inadvertently gotten separated from his fellow soldiers or had intended to go AWOL.  The latter possibility was suggested by military expert, Ralph Peters. 

Such speculation simply adds to the Taliban’s propaganda arsenal; i.e., the notion that things are going so badly for American soldiers that they are starting to desert.  It also adds fuel to the Left’s own propaganda campaign that we are losing an unjust war and that it is time to bring all of our soldiers home.

Mr. Peters should be certain beyond a reasonable doubt before leveling such charges.  And whatever the truth in this case ultimately turns out to be, it serves only to distract us from the focus that we must keep at all times on our bloodthirsty enemy — the Taliban and al Qaeda.

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