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FOX: Nobelist hopes "a lot of horrid things happen," to "get people concerned about climate change"

Posted on July 22 2009 8:12 am
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Last night, FOX News host Sean Hannity looked at recent remarks made by Nobel Prize winning economist Tom Schelling. In a July 14 interview with The Atlantic Monthly, Schelling said about “global warming”:

“It’s a tough sell. And you probably have to find ways to exaggerate the threat. I sometimes wish that we could have, over the next five or ten years, a  lot of horrid things happen — you know like tornadoes in the midwest and so forth… that would get people very concerned about climate change.”

In the magazine, Schelling went on to say:

If I were to come clean to the American public I would say that, except for a very low probability of a very bad result — which is the disintegration of the West Antarctic ice sheet, which would put Washington DC under water — we are probably going to outgrow any vulnerability we have to climate change. … You know, very little of the US economy is susceptible to climate. All of agriculture is less than 3% of our gross product. Forestry may be endangered. Fisheries may be endangered. But recreation might actually benefit!

So if we can double our GDP in the next 70 or 80 years — even if we lose 10% of our GDP from climate change — we’re still ahead so much that the effect of climate change wouldn’t be noticed.

President Obama has embraced the Left’s views on “climate change,” with all its disasterous consequences for the American way of life, so it is doubtful he’ll be following Schelling’s lead and “come clean” about the mythical dangers of “global warming.”

Then again, perhaps that’s just as well. Acting on Schelling’s advice back in 1965 (when Schelling was a friend of Defense Secretary Robert McNamara’s adviser John McNaughton), President Johnson launched Operation Rolling Thunder, a three-week bombing campaign (modeled on Schelling’s concept of “punitive bombing”) against the North Vietnamese that history has declared an abject failure, and which served as a rallying point for the anti-war Left.

Of course, those were the days when the Left could bring itself to vehemently criticize a sitting Democratic President.

As well, the prospect of Washington, DC being “under water” might not strike everyone as an unmitigated disaster.

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