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FOX: Senator Boxer's Race-Baiting Backfires

Posted on July 21 2009 4:42 am
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Barbara Boxer, the far left U.S. Senator from California, was given a stern face-to-face reprimand by the president of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Harry Alford, for trying to pit one black group against another instead of addressing issues on their merits.  It’s about time.

Mr. Alford, it should be noted, does not have much use for left wing ideologues.  He believes in free enterprise — something that seems to elude Boxer.  “It is all right for black folks to begin building wealth in this country,” Alford once said. “It is not against the law, and it certainly is more enjoyable than poverty.”

In this case, instead of dealing substantively with Mr. Alford’s criticisms of the current Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade energy bill, Ms. Boxer tried to discredit Alford by pointing out how black groups such as the NAACP and “100 Black Men of Atlanta” were allegedly supporting the bill.

It should be noted that Boxer actually got her facts wrong: the NAACP is in favor of protecting the environment but is not necessarily committed to  cap-and-trade or other job-killing programs.  More importantly, Mr. Alford scolded her for her divisive, racially charged tactics:

“That’s condescending and I don’t like it; it’s racial. I don’t like it. I take offense to it. As an African American and a veteran of this country [i.e., the military], I take offense to that…. You are being racial here, and I think you’re getting to a path here that’s going to explode.”

Alford elaborated further on the O’Reilly Factor Monday night, saying that Boxer

“loves black folks in their place…. It was pure race. It was like down there in Mississippi back in the bad old days when one black preacher would rise up against the big boss. He’d go find another black preacher to fight against that black preacher. Yes, it is – it was ugly and she … opened up a pit, a mud pit that I wasn’t going to jump into.”

When O’Reilly asked Alford whether he thought Boxer had intended, from the start, to introduce racism to the hearing, Alford replied:

“Actually, Bill, I think it’s her persona. I don’t think she can help herself. When she gets caught up in a – like that up against the wall, race comes up. You know, she’s – the brainchild of Anita Hill attacking Clarence Thomas was Barbara Boxer. You go back – you mentioned 2004 and all of that garbage against Ken Blackwell, secretary of state of Ohio, saying he rigged the election, that was Barbara Boxer.”

When African Americans do not follow the left wing party line, Boxer attacks them personally, just as she attacked then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice a few years ago.

The senator, for her part, was afraid to accept O’Reilly’s invitation to appear on the program with Alford.  More likely, she is hanging out at MSNBC, where her racial divisiveness would be welcomed.

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