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FOX: Even Soaking the Rich Won't Cover the Cost of Obama's Socialist Healthcare Scheme

Posted on July 21 2009 4:53 am
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As he promised he would, President Obamareally is remaking America — he’s just making it a whole lot crappier — kind of a hybrid between France and Venezuela,” Glenn Beck said on his Monday program.

“He’s taking GM and turning it into Fiat,” Beck said. “He’s taking the beacon of freedom and turning it into an apologetic, ‘what-can-you-do-for-me’ wannabe European, spread the wealth, socialist wonderland.”

The president’s lead enforcer in Congress, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, wants to pay for Obama’s national healthcare plan by taxing the rich. “Because damn those millionaires, what have they ever done for society besides hoard money?” Beck said sarcastically.

This class warfare strategy is calculated to appeal to popular resentment. “It’s not about actual common sense or fixing anything; it’s about them convincing you to give the shaft to someone else for the power and control of socialism,” Beck said.

But even soaking the rich won’t cover the full cost of the plan, he said. Levies on the wealthy will cover just over one-third of the estimated $1.5 trillion the new system would cost America.

President Obama says the remaining $1 trillion will come from savings. This frightens governors from both parties who fear this will force states “to pick up the tab for any increase in Medicaid eligibility levels, benefits or payments to doctors,” said Beck.

Tennessee’s Democratic governor Phil Bredesen said he feared Congress was on the verge of approving “the mother of all unfunded mandates,'” Beck noted.

Meanwhile, leftist writer Eric Alterman, who until fairly recently had been part of George Soros‘s  character-assassination squad at Media Matters for America, was uncharacteristically forthright in an article about the Democrats‘ chances of getting ObamaCare enacted:

Democrats fear 1994, when popular discontent with the Clinton administration, symbolized by “Hillarycare,” led to catastrophe in the midterm elections. Those who lost their seats were almost all among the most vulnerable Democrats from red or purple states—of the kind who managed to squeak out victories in 2008. Hence the Republican focus in their attacks on the districts of moderate Democrats.

He quoted Sen. Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) who told conservatives last week, “If we’re able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him.”

In the Daily Beast article, Alterman added, “He may be right.”

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