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FOX: Killing the Patient

Posted on July 17 2009 8:57 am
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Socialized medicine does not work anywhere that it has been tried. 

Yet that is essentially what Obamacare has to offer.

Obamacare will mandate that everybody obtain health insurance coverage or face stiff fines.  It will set up a government-run insurance program to “compete” with the private sector.  It will add trillions more to the national budget deficit.  It will put many small businesses out of business because of onerous penalties they would be forced to pay if they do not comply with government mandates on insurance coverage for their employees, and because of crippling new taxes to fund the misguided plan.  Many more jobs in the private sector will be at risk, which will push the unemployment rate well above 10 percent.

In short, lethal dosages of Left-Wing medicine administered by the Obama quacks will  kill the American economy without solving the underlying problem in health care.

Even the Congressional Budget Office has warned of the consequences.  But the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Charles Rangel march on, taking us with them over the cliff.

Bill O’Reilly has offered some sound ideas based on the Swiss health system:  Regulate over-charging by doctors and the insurance companies, stop frivolous lawsuits, and set up more health clinics for the poor along with targeted subsidies for those who cannot afford comprehensive health insurance.  But don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg — the American economy — to engage in yet another in a string of Left-Wing wealth redistribution programs

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