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FOX: Maureen Dowd Implies That White Republicans Are Racists

Posted on July 16 2009 9:54 am
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The New York Times dour op-ed columnist, Maureen Dowd, went over the top yesterday in her piece entitled “White Man’s Last Stand.”  Normally, I do not read her tripe, but Bill O’Reilly gave it such a build-up in his Talking Points Memo that I could not resist. I wish I had. The article is a re-cycling of the conventional leftwing culture war against mainstream American society.

Dowd is of the baby-boomer generation, some of whom are still caught in the time warp of the 1960s and remain what David Horowitz has called “progressive narcissists.”

She is still fighting old gender- and race-based battles with comments like this one about those terrible white guys, who dared to ask Supreme Court Justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor some probing questions about her prior statements (some of which can legitimately be perceived as racist):  “After all, these guys have never needed to speak inspirational words to others like them, as Sotomayor has done.  They’ve had codes, handshakes and clubs to do that.”

Dowd then proceeded to attack “W” (her own nickname for the former president) for the “disgrace” of appointing “two white men to a court stocked with white men.”   Of course, she didn’t have anything good to say about the black Justice Clarence Thomas when he was appointed by W’s  father. 

Only liberal minorities and liberal women need apply in Dowd’s world. Just look at how she skewered Sarah Palin in her “White Man’s last Stand” hit piece:

“Sarah Palin is the definition of irraional, a volatile and scattered country-music queen without the music.  Her Republican fans defend her lack of application and intellect, happy to settle for her emotional electricity.”

Doesn’t Dowd realize that with writing like that, she is only caricaturing herself?  Is she even capable of engaging in a reasoned debate on the issues rather than in her incessant, infantile name-calling?

Dowd is still resting on the laurels of her 1999 Pulitzer Prize for her reporting on the Monica Lewinsky scandal that nearly broght down Bill Clinton — a story that, incidentally, broke first on Drudge. Since then, she has done nothing but sneer and snipe. 

It is time for Dowd to retire and take up a constructive hobby doing something she is intellectually capable of handling.  Commenting on politics, the Supreme Court and public policy are not among her strong suits. Nor, for that matter, is journalism.

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