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FOX: Obama Is Overwhelming the American System

Posted on July 15 2009 8:50 am
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President Obama is “pulling a page from the community organizing playbook and he’s overwhelming the system,” Glenn Beck said on his TV program. “It’s a calculated tactic, straight out of Saul Alinsky‘s Rules for Radicals and it seems to be working,” he said.

Alinsky was a Chicago Marxist who laid out a strategic blueprint by which radical “community organizers” could incrementally transform America into a socialist state. He was, to be sure, the foremost tactical and ideological influence on Barack Obama from the time the latter first chose to enter politics. Among other things, Alinsky taught that organizers (like the young Obama) should not focus for too long on any given issue or concern, but rather to constantly keep shifting their attention from one crusade to the next — so as to: (a) prevent the public from becoming bored with any particular one those crusades, and (b) to avoid the public scrutiny that tends to result whenever people are given time to focus their attention on a single matter for a sustained period of time.

The president “is simultaneously dumping so many huge agenda items on the system, even if the media wanted to cover each of the big stories they wouldn’t be able to devote enough time to do it,” Beck said.

Meanwhile, the media is ignoring the collapse of the once-mighty U.S. dollar and the president’s claim that “a second stimulus package” might be needed. Beck said:

Why waste time following stories like Al Gore saying the U.S. climate bill (cap-and-trade) will help “bring about global governance”? Why mention that Obama’s pick to head the environment division at the Department of Justice is from GE? Sure [GE lawyer Ignacia Moreno] defended GE in pollution lawsuits and GE is trying to get stimulus money for their “eco-magination” clean energy products, but there is no way that government and business are melding together.

On the show, Beck interviewed Tom Borelli of the National Center for Public Policy Research. (Borelli was on the show earlier in the month discussing energy policy and the left-wing environmentalist groups trying to influence it.)

Borelli, who is director of NCPPR’s Free Enterprise Project, said General Electric is “taking the Goldman Sachs view of the world [which] is the way to control business is to control government.” GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt is on Obama’s economic advisory panel and Goldman Sachs is “a revolving door” between business and government, he said.

As GE installs its employees in the Obama administration, the American people are “being shut out of this corporatism system,” Borelli said.

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