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FREE SPEECH TV: Greenpeace Guerrillas Launch Midnight Raid on Mt. Rushmore

Posted on July 13 2009 7:55 am
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Anyone tuning in to watch Amy Goodman‘s Democracy Now! program last Friday, would have been appalled to see her proudly air video footage of 11 urban eco-terrorist vandals hired by Greenpeace, the environmentalist group that depicts virtually all forms of human industry as destructive of the natural world, defacing Mt. Rushmore.

In an act which, according to Matt Leonard, one of the arrested Greenpeace vandals, “took months of planning and preparation (which included factoring in jail time after their expected arrests),” the vandals bypassed security personnel during the night and climbed up the monument in order to unfurl a 65-by-35-foot banner which read: “America Honors Leaders, Not Politicians: Stop Global Warming.” The stunt was so despicable that even South Dakota Democratic Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth Sandlin called it “outrageous,” adding that it was ” unproductive for the environmental group to pose a security risk, harm the Mount Rushmore visitor experience and waste taxpayer dollars at the monument.”

It is worth noting also that Rep. Herseth Sandlin is no environment-be-damned, right-wing capitalist against whom the Marxists on Democracy Now! are always railing. In fact, she serves on the Select Committee on Global Warming and Energy Independence, a panel dedicated to finding solutions to “global warming,” so her outrage does carry some weight. Enough weight, apparently, to annoy the party members at Greenpeace who have put her on their “Hotseat” for her comments. Greenpeace also notes that she [Rep. Herseth Sandlin] “hasn’t filled out [Greenpeace’s] “Global Warming survey,” nor has she signed on to the Safe Climate Act, the strongest “global warming bill” in the House of Representatives.

How dare she disobey, eh comrades?

Those who are at all familiar with Greenpeace should not be surprised by any of this. With a well-funded war chest swelled by generous contributors to leftist causes such as the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and Ted Turner‘s Turner Foundation, the organization has ample money and a willing cadre of well-to-do nihilistic young followers such as Matt Leonard to pull off stunt after stunt in an effort to garner more publicity and financial support. In some of their past campaigns, these Greenpeace foot soldiers have harassed ships delivering supplies to coalition forces in Iraq and have launched attacks on the whaling and fishing industries. They even attempted a naval blockade of the home of Australian Prime Minister John Howard, citing Australia’s support for the overthrow of Saddam Hussein as their justification for doing so.

Greenpeace is a textbook example of a militaristic terror organization if there ever was one, and observers should not be fooled by its self-portrayal as a group “bear[ing] witness to environmental destruction in a peaceful, non-violent manner.”  Greenpeace is made up of thugs on a par with the original Vandals of history, best known for their sack of Rome in the fifth century.

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