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FOX: Obama Care Means Rationing

Posted on July 13 2009 7:30 am
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Obama Care will mean sky-high taxes and rationing of services and drugs, Dr. Rand Paul, chairman of Kentucky Taxpayers United, said on the “Glenn Beck Program.”

Paul, who is the son of the libertarian Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and is seeking a U.S. Senate seat in Kentucky, told substitute host Judge Andrew Napolitano by means of a rhetorical question that President Obama and the Democrats are preparing “to throw out the entire system we have — are you going to bankrupt the country or throw us into bankruptcy even sooner — for a problem that really has other solutions?”

Paul, an eye specialist, said U.S. doctors would be forced to ration care under a single-payer system. He noted that in England “it’s essentially free to go to the doctor,” and this encourages patients to go to the doctor when they really don’t need to. “It’s over-utilized, which means that then they have to ration the care. That is ultimately — even the proponents of this, they don’t like to use the word ‘rationing,’ but that’s what happening.”

He also said that the most common type of blindness in the U.S. for senior citizens is macular degeneration or scarring of the center of the retina. One drug used to treat the condition is called Avastin. The government-run healthcare system in England for years would not allow patients to receive the drug unless they could first prove that the disease had already blinded them in one eye.

Rand said eventually the public protested against this policy and it was changed. “But is that the way we want medicine to work is that the public has to get so angry that finally we change the rules?”

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