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CNN's Malveaux Hoodwinked by Obama's Healthcare Hug

Posted on July 7 2009 1:07 pm
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Proving that there really is a sucker born every minute, CNN anchor Suzanne Malveaux fell for President Obama‘s carefully choreographed embrace of Debby Smith, who is one of his volunteers, at a healthcare dog-and-pony show last week.

The useful TV idiot praised Obama for “a bold display of presidential concern,” apparently unaware that Smith is a member of Organizing for America, a network of volunteers whose mission is to rouse public support for President Obama and his political and social agendas. Organizing for America is a project of the Democratic National Committee. Smith was invited to the event not by an outside group but by the White House itself. Even veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas (see video) thought the taxpayer-funded propaganda event was a bit much.

Columnist James Pinkerton savaged Malveaux for her unprofessional lack of skepticism:

In the middle of all of this Stalinesque fakery at this town hall meeting — when Obama hugged that woman who was a plant, her cancer was real enough, but her being there was a total artifact of planning — she [Suzanne Malveaux] said, quote, this is a quote “bold display of presidential concern,” end quote. Again, this is like Stalin putting Ukrainian family victims on his lap during the ’30s.

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