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Bill O'Reilly Returns from Vacation

Posted on July 7 2009 8:58 am
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Welcome back, Bill.   You were right not to return from vacation to cover Michael Jackson’s demise.

Frankly, I think you still spent too much time discussing Jackson during your first show back, although I understand your twist in criticizing the media for its obsession with, and idolization of, Jackson.  But in that case you should have aimed some of your criticism at Fox News, which chose to pre-empt its regular prime-time programs on the night of his death to give us non-stop reporting on every tiny detail about the last days of the self-proclaimed “King of Rock’.  In any case, tabloid journalism is not a particularly novel theme.

The Talking Points memo correctly stressed California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s  reckless spending as the main culprit behind the state’s current financial disaster.   You would have done well to point out Schwarzenegger’s reckless, budget-busting plans for expansion of health care in his state.  Our Big Spender-in-Chief, President Obama, is, in conjunction with the Democrat-controlled Congress, headed toward the same economic cliff, with the bankruptcy of America in the offing.

Obama’s socialized health plan is not only disastrously expensive.  It won’t work, unless America wants rationed care.  The Left knows this. Perhaps that is why big labor, specifically the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) (which spent $60 million trying to help get Obama elected last year), is trying to discredit ads critical of  Obamacare as nothing more than unwarranted “swift-boating.”   

Hopefully the Factor will do some timely, in-depth investigations of Obama’s health-care backers like SEIU and its links to the Shadow Democratic Party, the powerful network of George Soros-funded nonprofit activist groups whose agendas are ideologically to the left, and which aactvely campaign for the Democrats. Such stories may not have as much sizzle as stories about Michael Jackson, but unlike stories about Jackson, they actually matter.

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